Thrapston Fords

New Focus ST

From £24,750

Track tested performance and outstanding efficiency, advanced technology and cutting-edge design: the Focus ST delivers it all, in one thrilling package.

With a strikingly restyled and sculpted exterior and a cabin that’s more streamlined and sophisticated, this is the most refined Focus ST ever made.

Racing-style sports suspension

An upgraded suspension includes stiffer bushes on the front lower control arm and rear spring links, plus an all-new anti-roll bar design. This setup lowers the chassis, bringing the centre of gravity closer to the road for more precise cornering.

Effortless maneuvering and cruising

Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) automatically adjusts to provide easier, lighter steering when you’re parking in a tight spot and firmer steering for more control on motorways.

Change direction: maintain control

The Focus ST incorporates a new technology called Electronic Transitional Stability (part of the advanced three-stage Electronic Stability programme). By sensing vehicle stability and driver inputs, the system can react and respond to help you maintain precision and control when changing lanes, or overtaking.

More control, and more fun, in corners

By balancing engine torque between the front wheels, to suit the road surface and driving conditions, Electronic Torque Vectoring Control gives you grip, confidence and precision handling when you accelerate during cornering.

Built for power delivery

The Focus ST has a Diesel engine capable of delivering up to 185 PS with 400Nm of torque and a Petrol engine with 250PS and 345Nm of torque. So new engine mounts have been engineered specifically to deliver this power seamlessly, giving exceptional front wheel traction, even under hard acceleration.